So Pro Summer Launch!

Insectakid #3 Kickstarter has launched at

Illustrator Michael K. Easton launches Kickstarter announcing Insectakid #3, a comic book series, just in time for summer.

Vienna, WV, May 29, 2022 Michael K. Easton announces the launch of his next Kickstarter for his Comic Book series, Insectakid #3. Insectakid is about Hakeem Hudson finding out Reptilians are real and they love coffee! They could be his neighbor, his boss or even his loved one and they are on a mission to make the human race extinct. Hakeem Hudson may be a 17-year-old barista for Leapin’ Lizard Coffee, but he’s also Insectakid, a hero created and designed to stop them.

This Kickstarter campaign is for Insectakid Issue #3. Catch up with Hakeem as he is introduced to a few new characters. It’s not easy being Hakeem while navigating the perils of adolescence. Working as a barista at Leapin’ Lizard Coffee, he has to be pleasant to customers and get the Queen Myrmex off his back. It doesn’t help that she can contact him telepathically at all hours of the night. Now, a talking fly has shown up and interrupted everything. It’s enough to give a guy a headache and that’s without having to deal with Ronald P. Tramp, the alien hunter. Before Hakeem can even get his bearings straight, a new visitor comes to this little town of Hudson, Ohio as Melody Madison walks into Hakeem’s life and nothing will ever be the same. All this and more in the next exciting chapter of Insectakid.