Insectakid #2 Kickstarter

Insectakid #2 Kickstarter Day 1 It’s here! Another bombastic, totally-caffeinated adventure of INSECTAKID! It’s a fantastic romp as Insectakid goes on a date and battles THE HORRID BROTHERS…but first, he’s got to come up with a catchphrase! Line Art / Writer: Michael K. Easton Colorist / Story Assist: Kristy Easton Editor / Letter: Jordan Lowe…Read more

Insectakid Kickstarter

Insectakid #1Can Ronald P. Tramp, Hakeem’s coffee loving customer, help him discover his powers in time to stop the Reptilians? We love creating comics, but are we having fun? YES! Insectakid has been a blast of rollercoaster proportions as we have created this comic to entertain you. Born from Michael K. Easton’s love of crazy…Read more